About Damian

IMG_6358I started at Teacher’s College in Truro in the fall of 1984. My qualification as a Licensed Automotive Technician put me in good stead as I started that new phase in my life.My passion for learning has never been sated.

At Teacher’s College, I was also introduced to the Nova Scotia Teachers Union. The presentation by staff made a positive impression on me. This lit the spark of interest in Unionism.

When I worked as a substitute in several schools in Pictou Local, I knew then that I had limited rights and protections as a teacher. Once I received my probationary contract at the Local Community College campus, I came to know the building reps. I became a rep in my second year of probation and I have been actively involved in NSTU ever since.

Through my active involvement with both the Pictou Local and then the Community College Local, I have consistently demonstrated a commitment to the membership, and through them, to the organisation.

I believe that I have the focus, the strength and dedication needed by the members in these challenging times.