Damian 2016: Experience with a twist

Dec 2015 Rally

I have been engaged with and involved in the workings of NSTU since my second year of my Probationary contract.

I got involved because it gave me an opportunity to see what I was getting for the Union dues that I was now required to pay. The mantra espoused by my dad went something along these lines: “To change something, you have to become actively involved”.

My twist? I am qualified teacher and a qualified trades-person  . I have formal teacher training and formal vocational-education training. I have experience managing an Automotive repair facility. I worked briefly as a substitute teacher at the Junior High and Senior High levels.

I have been a Local president, chaired the Professional Development Committee in both Pictou Local and the Community College Local. I have been a member of the NSTU Provincial Executive, currently in my 5th term. I have been an active and vocal participant in 6 asking packages and 5 rounds of bargaining.

While not current, I was a volunteer fire-fighter for several years, and also acted as treasurer for the Heatherbell Pipe and Drum band.

I abhor unfairness and work tirelessly and unflinchingly to support members. I care about the membership and I care about the organisation.

We have to work together to ensure that the NSTU has the strength to thrive going forward.