“As a member of the Community College Local it would seem logical for me to endorse Damian in the Presidential election. Anyone who knows me knows that this reason alone would not have me endorsing any candidate!

I support Damian for many reasons. Damian has worked tirelessly and without regret for our Union for many years. He has a passion to unite our union and make it stronger. He has experience in both the P-12 and post secondary education systems. Damian is well read and presents professionally. I feel he is the perfect candidate to serve our union as our next President.

While all candidates have positive points I feel Damian is our best choice! You don’t need to take my word for it….check out the link to Presidential speeches on the NSTU website and you will see what I mean!

On Wednesday, May 25, please vote Damian Hall for NSTU President.”

– Melanie Sampson, Strait Area Campus NSCC, Community College Local treasurer


“I have known Damian for almost 10 years and can say without reservation that Damian Hall will work tirelessly for what is right for the membership. I respectfully place my support with Damian as I know he is the right choice.”

-Glen Coleman, School of Trades and Technology, NSCC


Damian has actively served the union for over 15 years which to me signifies that he has the knowledge and the drive to carry this organization forward.” 

– Myla Borden, Pictou Local president, junior high teacher


“I am voting for Damian because he is the only one focussed on leading all educators through the next four years. Leadership should be about the interest of all instead of divisive rhetoric for a few. The time to unite is now. Damian is my choice.”

– Phillip Samson, Richmond Local president, high school teacher


I have been involved with NSTU as a member, rep, standing committee member, as well as a Local executive member for over 26 years. This coming election of a new President is a key one. Times have changed: unions are under attack, the NSTU is under attack. We need a president that can lead us through this time and articulate positions to us as members and then to the public and government.

Damian Hall is my choice for this leader. As a community college member Damian has been able to inform me and others of the concerns of P-12. He understands the concerns and conditions of all members and will work WITH us and FOR us.”

– Peggy Joiner, Faculty, NSCC Truro Campus


For all my public school teacher friends and NSCC colleagues out there – please give serious consideration to supporting Damian in his quest for NSTU President. You won’t be disappointed and pleasantly surprised at his depth of knowledge of both P-12 and NSCC member issues and ability to use that skill and ability to work toward both short and long-term improvements on the many challenges faced by our members. Voting takes place on May 25th.”

– Leo Gillis, registrar, NSCC Pictou campus


“I commend the dedication and willingness to represent of all 6 candidates. I am confident that we will be well represented no matter what the outcome in May. However, Damian stands out for me based on my observations over the years as a passionate, articulate speaker who is able to think quickly and respond to hard questions with grace. He is well versed, honest, and he will make an excellent President.

I know that he would represent the interests of the whole body, and has a unique advantage given his experience in both public schools and NSCC.

Damian has the vision to see us not only rebuild what we have lost, but is also progressive enough to push us to new territory. “

– Rebecca Smart, High School teacher, Queens Local


“I  have known Damian Hall as an educator for many years. He is first and foremost a teacher. He has passion as an educator and recognizes that much has changed for teachers over the years. He has lived it. He understands the challenges that are faced in today’s classrooms across the province.

Damian  Hall is a person of action and works extremely hard to facilitate the changes we, as union members, wish to see. Damian is an extremely smart,  articulate, well spoken, quick thinker who can take on the challenges the NSTU will be faced with as we move into the future.

A person who exudes strong, smart leadership skills is what we need. Damian Hall is that person!”

– Mary Lou Beaton M.Ed., NSCC – Pictou Campus


Damian will make an excellent President.  He is dedicated to the principles of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union and strongly believes in fair treatment for everyone.  I have known him for many years, having met at training and working group sessions.  In the past three years, as I assumed the role of Campus Representative, Damian has helped me on many occasions with understanding the contract and with helping our members sort through difficulties.  I have listened to him in meetings and been astounded at his knowledge, his dedication, and his humanity.  With Damian at the helm we will have a leader who can speak with confidence on the issues that face us and who will fight to represent all members of NSTU.  I have no difficulty endorsing him for the position of President of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union.

– Bonnie Boivin, Akerley campus rep, Community College local


Today, more than ever, our union needs a strong leader.  Someone at the helm that represents the best we have to offer, a big thinker who isn’t stuck inside the box.  Damian is smart, well spoken, and can think on his feet.  He is passionate and unscripted and transcends our traditional base.  I’m confident he can broaden our scope and strengthen our union.  Damian Hall has my vote for NSTU President.

– Ian Kent, adult high teacher, #NSTUpd, Queens Local


“I have been an NSTU member for 19 years, engaging in both local and provincial activism. All too often, the NSTU follows the past. I believe all members should have a voice in how the organization develops and responds to our ever-changing needs. I am confident Damian will listen to all members. With his strength, sense, and determination, Damian is the clear choice for our future.”

—Angela D. Gillis, grade 3/4 Teacher, Halifax City Local


“I’m lucky to have worked in some capacity with all 6 candidates running to be president of the NSTU. They’re all great people and dedicated unionists, and I’m confident teachers will be in good hands no matter who wins in May. 

That said, I’ve decided to support Damian Hall for NSTU president. Damian is smart, progressive, and honest. He’s had decades of experience and knows the NSTU inside and out, but he’s also not one to just go along with the status quo. He notices things that others don’t, and he isn’t afraid to speak out on things that matter. When he does, he does it intelligently and convincingly. As someone who’s fairly new to being active in the union, I’ve often turned to Damian for guidance and straight talk about what’s going on. 
Damian sees the potential in our membership. I think he’s the candidate who can bring us together and make us realize it.” 
—Ben Sichel, high school teacher, education commentator,  Provincial Executive member, Dartmouth local



Damian has always believed in supporting teachers in whatever role he has had to play, and he would do no less as NSTU president.  He listens carefully to ensure that he understands what others are saying.  He does not assume that he alone knows the experiences and needs of another.

Damian started as VP of PD for the Pictou Local, as I started my union career as VP-PD for Cumberland.  It is through that experience that I got to know Damian.  At that time Damian was committed to providing good, solid, teacher driven PD for all teachers in Pictou.  We worked as a team to share ideas and to build PD within our new, regional board.  When Damian moved from the Pictou Local to the newly created Community College Local, he helped to shape a new dynamic within the NSTU—a province wide local of individuals no longer part of a smaller geographical local.  To that end, Damian would bring a unique perspective to the NSTU presidency–that of understanding both the workings of a small local and a province-wide local.  

Damian is a teacher.  He taught in public school early in his career and now is a teacher of students who are on the next step of their post public school learning.  What Damian doesn’t currently know or understand about issues in education, he will learn.  He will be open-minded.  He will not assume he knows. To this end he is a strong student.  

Damian is a dynamic communicator able to express himself well.  He will serve as a strong spokesperson for the NSTU in expressing our concerns.  For these reasons, I encourage you to support Damian for NSTU President 2016.”

—Hope Lemoine, high school teacher, Provincial Executive member, Cumberland local